The Data Quality Rules being published by XBRL International are initially focussed on IFRS-based Inline XBRL reports.

A basic precept of data analysis is “garbage in, garbage out”, or GIGO. Any collection of data needs to be able to maximise data quality from the outset.

XBRL best practices suggest that regulators develop, test, review and continuously improve business rules that work together to maximise the data quality in their collections. Further, we suggest that regulators consider the results of these business rules in both their off-site surveillance functions and their enforcement activities.

Not every regulatory environment has so far embedded these processes into their activities. The IFRS DQR rules provide a set of machine executable business rules that can be applied generically to financial statements in XBRL (including Inline XBRL) that use the IFRS taxonomy.

The DQR rules have been developed as part of the XBRL US DQC and thoroughly developed within that environment. We expect that there will be a range of new rules added later this year, as part of an IFRS-focussed governance framework. We appreciate and would like to acknowledge the work of the DQC and the XBRL US team.

On this site you will find details about the rules, information about how to embed them into software and, answers to a range of FAQs.

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